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This has been one of my favorite portable folding equipment carts that I often use when bringing out all of my video equipment. The retail price is listed around $119 dollars, but keep watch as they often go on sale. I managed to pick up several of them when they were on sale for $50 dollars. A second sale recently offered them for $75 dollars. If you're looking for a very small equipment cart to haul your Pelican Hardcases that easily fits in the trunk of you car, but hauls some pretty heavy gear, this is one to keep an eye on.

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Especially when i'm working on Live Production on location, i'm always thinking about where my ATEM setup would be. Sometimes you have to bring your own table, but here's an alternative option - a full 3 shelf Folding Portable Rack.

These racks are light enough to carry and fold down quickly to transport in your car. They setup just as fast without tools and is a good way of keeping your bags together and off the floor. The wheels make it easy to move gear about, and there's been times where i've even gone as far as using cable bike locks with my hardcases to ensure they don't wander off. I'm showing my Medium sized version, but the smaller version (only a few inches shorter) starts at around $40 dollars. They come in a variety of sizes, but for travel and to maintain a low center of gravity it's better to stick with the small to medium models with casters.

origami shelf rack folding rack
Learn-More-sm Portable Folding 3 Shelf Rack with Casters

If you're looking for a large space to work, they also have a folding desk setup as well.
folding desk origami
Learn-More-sm Portable Folding Desk

Don't break your back or wear yourself out moving gear! The AMG 750 Cart is a multi-use gear cart that can convert into 3 different modes and hold up to 750lbs. It folds down compact enough to fit in a small trunk.

If you're looking for a folding Gear Cart that is smaller than the AMG 750, you may want to check out the AMG 250 or AMG 500 (all found here).

krane-amgkrane-cartsfolding gear cartkrane-amg-cart
Learn-More-sm Krane AMG Carts



Here's another product we checked out over at PhotoPlus Expo 2013 NY. INOVATIV CARTS offer three main lines of equipment carts, each with three different versions depending on your needs. Accessories can be added to each cart to further customize the product according to your requirements. The carts can be broken down and folded up for travel without the use of any tools.

If you're shooting as a hobby, these are definitely pricey with the smallest Scout version starting at around $2500 dollars. If you're a professional who's shopped around, this is one of the more affordable portable Equipment Cart systems. I'm a big fan of rolling carts, and use them every single day, but I'm only using very cheap tool carts in the studio (as seen here). My cheap carts definitely aren't made for travel.

If the price of these folding INVOVATIV Carts can be justified by the work you do, you can find more information about INOVATIV Carts at their website https://invovativcarts.com.

Echo_Hero_PP_01_a-796x588 Ranger_Hero_PP_01-796x588 Scout_Hero_PP_01-796x588
INOVATIV Mobile Equipment Carts - ECHO / RANGER / SCOUT