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For those of you who picked up a Cinevate Duzi Slider (see our Duzi v1 review here), the MODO add-on will allow you to perform Timelapses with ease.

Say goodbye to cables, chargers, batteries, belts, and programming. Say hello to Modo.

What is Modo?
Modo is affordable, effortless, and precise motion timelapse for the Duzi Slider.

Complete mechanical drive does not require power or batteries
No controllers, cables, or programming necessary
Effortlessly change from timelapse to manual slider mode in seconds
2 speed capability (24 inches/hour & 34 inches/hour)
Works under extreme weather conditions
Max capacity of 15 lbs when level
Integrated bubble level
Solid CNC machined aluminum
Speed upgrades available (12 inches/hour & 17 inches/hour)
Compatible with Modo multi-axis pan & tilt (coming soon)
- See more at: https://www.cinevate.com/store2/modo.html#sthash.NDE4uRFe.dpuf

Cinevate ModoCinevate-modo-timelapse
Learn-More-sm Cinevate MODO - Motion Timelapse System for Duzi Slider

Cinevate Duzi v3 Slider
find-price-button Cinevate DUZI Video Slider v3