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high power led video lighthigh power led video light dslr video

Peter writes in and shares a find on a strange new LED video light [Thanks Peter]. The DL-DV1300 Video light works on 6 high power LEDs and claims it has the same output as a typical 300 LED video light. This new DL-DV1300 video light is dimmable, comes with a typical diffuser, tungsten colored filter, and powers from the common Sony NPF battery type (charger and battery included). A web search shows the DV1300 LED light listing in retail stores for over $130, but here they are available for just over $50 dollars via eBay (Click Here).

dv-1300 led lightDL DV1300 high power led light
find-price-button DL-DV1300 High Power LED Video Light Sony NPF Battery + Charger

TIP: Don't forget that you can create a nice broad light source with LED lights, following this little tip about triple hotshoe adapters seen in this article: http://cheesycam.com/triple-shoe-mount-adapter-umbrella-holder/