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Vimeo member MIchel takes a chance on that odd flex DSLR rig that's been on just about everywhere lately. If you can get over the light blue and black Mortal Kombat theme, the rig converts into a few different positions to provide stable shots, and the one he has setup as a double shoulder support looks pretty functional. Setting it up in that fashion would definitely reduce the amount of camera roll. As mentioned in the video the 1/4 x 20 threaded ends could allow use of counter balance weights. When this was first brought to my attention the prices were pretty low. Not sure if demand is driving prices, but it seems to have inflated quite a bit. [Thanks MIchel]

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Here's a basic setup of rails, HD Handles, base plate, and Adapter plate from Express35.com. I emailed Chris about how I like using the cheap $24.00 dollar shoulder support, but you have to be somewhat inventive to create an adapter for offsetting it. I was surprised to hear back that as an experiment Chris setup this horizontal bar to adapt the rig and to offset it. It's extremely solid, and also an inexpensive way to adapt the two instead of using more expensive rods and clamps. This is not a final design in any way, but nice to see that he's willing to adapt to other accessories we choose to use. A few others have expressed interest in how to do this, so if you've got questions, hit up https://Express35.com or follow Chris via Twitter @express35.

Ooops! Looks like prices are slightly going up. Might need to change the name.
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