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Felix asked me this question a while back, and i've been looking around during my spare time to see if there's some alternatives. Today i'm posting to get some feedback on what you guys might know about Quick Release adapters for accessories. The basic idea is to use a very small quick release adapter on items like a Zoom H4n, LED Video Light, Microphone, or other small accessory. Instead of having to screw the item into a cage or rig, you just mount and go. Setting up and breaking down should be quick and easy.

There's some high end ones from Cinelock that run about $80 dollars (below). The Cine Lock cinematic quick release mounting bracket for fast non-thread mounting and removal speeds up set-up and break-down with simple two-piece design. I wanted to see what you guys might already know (or be using). I have a fairly inexpensive one (not Cine Lock) that i'm testing out today, and it looks like a winner which i'll be sharing in a video review in a few hours. Leave your comments.

find-price-button Cinelock 16x9 inc, quick release adapter