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Although I haven't even had the time to learn everything about the new DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter, I was at least able to get it off the ground and flying. It's a bit frustrating that they don't sell spare batteries (yet) as I only get around 18 minutes of flight before having to recharge the battery. So even though i've had the multicopter for a few days, I probably logged less than an hour and most of it is playing with the menu.

Keep in mind i'm not a very skilled pilot and there are some instances in the footage below where i'm trying to steer the copter. The Inspire 1 is actually a very very stable system. Here's a few minutes of 4K footage I shot recently on the new DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter.

Make sure to switch to 4K resolution in the player and maybe even go full screen..

The images may be a bit underexposed or flat, but I wanted to pull down the highlights and in some cases bring up the shadows to see how much information I could retain. At around 2:45 in the video I'm shooting straight into the sun and was still able to retain color in the sky without completely losing the beach below. I still have a lot to learn and hopefully get better results but with the single battery it's taking a lot longer to practice. More to come.

DJI Inspire Quadcopter Multicopter 4K camera gimbal indoor
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