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Awesome DIY motorized JuicedLink slider from Vimeo member Gary Bagelman. Not much on the details of the parts used, but i'm sure we'll be hearing from him soon. Gary has updated his video details to list the parts used to create his motorized version. I attempted the same using some inexpensive parts (all found here), but I didn't take the time to make it robust enough for vertical slides. Mine was mainly based on double sided tape and the cheapest servo available.

Gary claims that his setup can pull his JL slider vertically with no problems using a cog style belt driven pulley. [Thanks Gary]. I would love to see some examples of this. The great thing about the JuicedLink slider kit is that you can make your roller bearing as long or as short as you want. You can always swap rails depending on your requirements. With a smooth roller bearing slider + slow speed motor, you're able to achieve some very consistent slides on a budget. You can find some additional information about the JuicedLink DIY sliders (click here).

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