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Though it won't keep your camera's horizon completely level as if you're flying (like a Steadicam), Fig Rigs make great hand held stabilizers allowing you to move the camera around and change positions very quickly while getting rid of those unusual micro-vibrations. One problem that you'll run into is that you won't have an easy way to pull focus.

Here's an interesting solution Vimeo member Bruno Chansou has come up with using a window seal as his DIY Follow Focus belt. I'm sure this idea can be translated to many of the other hand held tools out there. [Thanks Bruno].

In the video Bruno looks to be using the Manfrotto style Fig Rig which is a complete circle and makes it odd to place the camera down. I find the the Halo Rig is a good design which incorporates all the benefits of a Fig Rig, but uses a flat base for resting the camera, or mounting to Tripod Heads. You can find these Halo Fig Rigs via eBay (Click Here).

Halo Fig Rig Stabilizer
find-price-button Halo Fig Rig Handheld Stabilizer

Here's an interesting DIY stabilizer for those of you just starting out with small camera video. YouTube member Dean Barkley put together his DIY Fig Rig stabilizer and doubled up use as a table dolly. The entire frame is made up from common and cheap PVC. [Thanks Dean]

Another video with a few different additions to the DIY DSLR Cage project. This time, YouTube member browncowvideo uses a Miter Track channel for the top rail. This allows the mounted accessories to be adjusted left and right. Another added addition is the swing out feet that allows you to rest the Cage on a flat surface, a very simple yet functional idea. [Thanks Brian]

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It's been a while since we've seen the ol' DIY Cage in use, but this one turned out pretty cool. He's got a few enhancements over the very basic design which you can find more about it over at Vimeo member Ben Sheriff's page. [Thanks Ben Turned out Great]