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When i'm traveling with a stabilizer, my goal is always to travel as light as possible while still being able to pull off long smooth dolly-like shots at my destination. Here's a closer look at the new XCAM Sabre Mini Video Stabilizer that I think addresses those two main points for me.

Off the top of my head, I don't know too many mini stabilizers that offer so many details, while still being able to fit in a travel pouch. The Carbon Fiber Post adds a nice aesthetic and sheds some weight as opposed to the previous version. The larger diameter post is also easier to handle when steering (flying with two hands), but you'll see in the video many times i'm just working with one hand.

The top stage offers a quick release for fast setup and breakdown, and to dial in your center of balance with fine tuning knobs for both left/right and forward/back adjustments. Outside of that, the adjustable Gimbal along the Carbon Fiber post and telescoping lower sled add another dimension to getting perfect balance with different types of cameras.

Telescoping Sled Supports Heavier Camera Systems

Build quality is very nice and if you're not a fan of the blue anodized finish, the XCAM Sabre is also available in all Black. You can find additional information about the XCAM Sabre at the web listing (found here).

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Out of stock previously, that new carbon fiber Wieldy Stabilizer I posted an article about (found here) a few weeks ago has listed a few more in stock. News update, I received my unit in also and this thing was really modeled after the Glidecam HD stabilizers. Check out the photo below showing the counterweights. One is the Wieldy and the other is for the Glidecam - dead on exact same shape and the holes line up perfectly on my Glidecam.

Wieldy Weights

Build quality is good although there were a few loose screws when mine arrived that I needed to tighten up before flying around. The sled is almost exactly the same also, but the Wieldy is using a thinner sled plate which I could easily bend by hand if I really wanted to. The Gimbal adjustment works great and I was able to reposition it so I can fly my camera upside down, something I can't easily do with the Glidecam without the handle hitting the stage.

Wieldy Stabilizer Carbon

Balancing was very quick for me since it has the same fine tuning knobs that the more expensive Glidecam offers, so I was very familiar. FThis stabilizer can be compared to either the larger $570 Glidecam HD4000 (seen here) or smaller Glidecam HD2000 (seen here). The HD2000 will already run you about $500 dollars, while this Carbon Wieldy Stabilizer runs for about $300 bucks. Additional information, photos, and video examples of the Carbon Wieldy Stabilizer in use can be seen following the link to the product page via eBay (Click Here).

Wieldy Iron Triangle DV Pro Stabilizer
find-price-button Wieldy DV Pro Iron Triangle Stabilizer

[Update] You can also find the Wieldy bundled with a dual arm stabilizer from another seller. The vest offered is different than the one I posted about earlier, and it's available with different stabilizers. A few listings from this seller show the dual arm vest bundled with this same Wieldy Carbon Fiber stabilizer.

Wieldy Carbon Dual Arm VestWieldy
find-price-button Dual Arm Support Vest with Carbon Stabilizer