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Who likes old vintage lenses? I do! Just picked up another. Here’s my first test of the #helios 44-2/58 on my #Canon #C200. Threw a random grade in #DavinciResolve. I love the smooth long throw of old manual lenses, and the imperfections old lenses have is all part of the ‘character’.

Here's a few frame grabs from another shoot using the C200 and Helios Lens.

Many vintage lenses can be adapted to fit just about any camera, and the Helios 44-2 can often be found for just around $50 dollars (found here). A really fun lens when you're in the mood for some artsy shots.

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Been loving the autofocus on the #Canon #C200 for so long, I forgot how great the image looks when using manual Cine lenses like the @xeenglobal ...[shown with @azdenproaudio #SGM250CX mic..]

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