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Here's a couple of differences Letus has come up with since first introducing their Hawk VF DSLR View finder. The earliest model came in a Carbon Fiber body with a hard mounted camera belly plate. The original Hawk VF was also designed for the normal 3" LCD found on the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and for other cameras with a similar sized LCD. The new Hawk VF lineup now comes in both Carbon Fiber and a black Aluminum body (I like the black Aluminum), has added more products to meet the correct size of the Canon T2i 3/2 LCD size (or even Canon 60D). The new lineup of Hawk VF's also come with a Quick Release belly plate to make using your camera in both video mode and photography mode quite easy by removing the Hawk VF. If you're rocking the battery pack on a Canon 5DM2 or 7D, there's an optional adapter for that too. I don't think these LCD's were ever marketed towards Canon 60D owners, but I found it perfect for mine. With the Canon 60D's swivel screen, you can see why i'm using this setup instead of sticky metal frames normally used with other view finders. I'm still able to flip the LCD backwards into the camera to protect the glass. I like the hard mount that keeps it from falling off, and the quick release option should I need to swing out the LCD or use the camera's eyepiece for Photography.

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Aluminum Letus Hawk VF

The Hawk VF's plate has a flush mounting screw to hold onto the camera, and still allow threads for to mount your tripods quick release plate (should you need one). This same plate is also designed to work with the ever growing accessories from Letus like the Rod system, and DSLR cages. The Letus design also allows you to migrate from one body to the next simply by removing the glass eyepiece, should you decide to use it on a different camera with a different size LCD, or if you want to change out the 'finish' of the VF from Carbon Fiber to the Aluminum version. It's a fine crafted piece of equipment that won't ever see landfill that's for sure. This materials used on the VF make this a solid product to take any type of abuse you can throw at it and should last you for years. You can check out more about Letus and the DSLR accessories over at https://LetusDSLR.com or even hit them up at their Twitter @letusdirect.



Just opened the box and the thing feels beefy. Yeah it doesn't at all feel like a Rebel series camera. It's got a bit of weight and sturdiness to the whole camera body. Sure that's no reason to upgrade from a T2i, but the new features of the 60D should definitely be taken into consideration if you're a first time DSLR buyer. I'll have more on that soon, but the first thing I did was test the Letus Hawk VF. This is probably the first photo on the internet of the Canon 60D with a Letus Hawk VF mounted. I bet you're wondering why I would pin down the articulating LCD. The LCD is nice, but it is still difficult to get focus on an F/1.2 lens without a magnification loupe. It's also handy for those super bright days when you want to review your image. These days you just can't live without a loupe.

Traditional LCD view finder mounting with sticky metal frames would work such as the LCDVF on the Canon 60D, but you'll lose the functionality of flipping the LCD around for protection. The Letus Hawk VF now comes with a quick release adapter so this type of mount should work fine for the Canon 60D as an LCD View Finder. Fast on for focus and fast off to take advantage of the rotating LCD. Check out the way the Letus Hawk VF mounts to get a better idea of why this would work as a great loupe on the Canon 60D. http://cheesycam.com/letus-drops-new-videos-hawk-vf-qr-plate/

Canon 60D reivew To be continued...