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Steadicam Glidecam
click image for available Steadicam Glidecam gear

Droppin' dollars into Glidecam gear is quite an investment if you're not familiar with how one works. In fact, you might even find that 'flying' a camera is not something you're quite into. If you already own one, maybe your thinking about testing out the arm brace or Vest system? Don't forget that you can save a ton of cash when you rent gear, and the lineup of products available is growing over at Borrow Lenses. One piece of advise is to rent something as early as you can and get some practice in. You don't want to be figuring out how things work 'the day of'. If you're satisfied with the tools, it gives you a better idea on what to invest in.

borrow lenses
click image for a variety of Video gear rentals

The BL company takes your order and ships it 'NetFlix' style along with very simple return instructions when you're done. From RedRock shoulder rigs, to LED Ring lights, to Phillip Bloom's Pocket Dolly, and Glidecam vest systems. There's much to check out at the ever growing site (click here).

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