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At NAB, BlackMagic Design announced two new 'Micro' Cameras. One is the 4K Micro Studio Camera and the other the Micro Cinema Camera. While they may look similar in this new Micro form factor, the 4K Micro Studio Camera is the only one capable of 4K video output (there is no internal recording media). The Micro Cinema Camera might be compared closer to the existing BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera as it is capable of RAW recording but only up to 1080p (no 4K).

blackmagic design micro studio camera

The BlackMagic Design 4K Micro Studio Camera is mainly used in live switching and broadcast where it can be placed (due to it's tiny size) just about anywhere and send a live feed back, but you can attach an external recorder (like Blackmagic Video Assist) to record the 1080p output from the HDMI. (4K can only be recorded via SDI out).

blackmagic design 4k micro studio camera
BlackMagic Design Recording Video Assist 4K micro studio camera

Without getting into too many details about either (if you have questions, leave comments), the 4K Micro Studio Camera is now shipping but currently out of stock at your typical big retailers. I just got news from DVEStore.com that they have already shipped existing pre-orders and have a few left in stock ready to ship right now. So if this is a camera you've been researching for the last 8 months, now's the time to grab one (click here).

VIEW-ITEM BlackMagic Design 4K Micro Studio Camera In Stock DVEStore

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After posting up the awesome deal going on with the BMPCC, I got a question about an external battery solution. BlackMagic Design has never made it easy to keep one of their cameras powered on for very long, and so any owner will be requiring an external power solution. If you're not into DIY, these external battery mounts from IndiPro Tools can help make your life a whole lot easier when trying to keep those cameras powered up.

Indipro tools power gridblackmagic pocket cinema camera
find-price-button Power Grid System Dual Battery Plate for Pocket Cinema Camera

The Power Grid System uses either two common Canon LP-E6 batteries, or two common Sony L-Series batteries to power up either your BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera or your larger BlackMagic Design Production 4K or original Cinema Camera. A rotating 15mm clamp conveniently attaches to your rig.

For those who want to attach XLR microphones directly to the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera's 1/4" TRS Microphone input, another Power Grid System offers Dual L-Series battery power combined with a converter for XLR input to 1/4" TRS out (found here).

blackmagic cinema 4K
find-price-button Power Grid & XLR Audio Box with Dual L-Series Plates for Blackmagic Cinema/4K Production Cameras

Not to be left out, there is also a Power Grid system for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera with an XLR audio adapter if you want to feed the signal from an XLR microphone into the BMPCC (found here)

indiprotools xlr power grid BMPCC XLR audio Adapter
find-price-button Power Grid & XLR Audio Box for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras


BlackMagic Design has announced an amazing Production 4K Camera, and it's still based on the same form factor as the BlackMagic Deisgn 2.5K Cinema Camera. For those who may be thinking about shooting with these cameras, one of the first things to consider is an external battery option. Although the camera can operate with the internal battery, it is good practice to work an external solution. When the external battery runs low, you can quickly swap the external battery without powering down the camera.

One of the popular solutions so far for the BlackMagic Cinema Cameras is the Powerbase-70 from Switronix. The Powerbase-70 Battery Pack (w/ optional Charger) should provide you with an additional 4-6 hours of runtime, and via an optional XP power regulation cable, the battery can also power two additional 12V and lower-voltage devices at the same time as powering the camera.


The Switronix Powerbase can be mounted on a basic 1/4-20 accessory thread with a built-in quick release system for fast swaps. The battery is basically a V-mount that will also work with many popular LED Panels, and other accessories that run off of V-Mount solutions, so for some this may be worth the value. Check out the Switronix Powerbase-70 via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Switronix Powerbase-70 Battery for BlackMagic Production 4K / Cinema Camera

To mount the Switronix Powerbase-70 on the rear of the rig for use as a counterweight, i've added this cheese plate that can be reconfigured to sit horizontally or vertically. I picked up this 15mm Clamp Cheese Plate via eBay (found here).

find-price-button 15mm Clamp Cheese Plate Mount