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Realizing LED lights won't solve every solution (yet), I decided to see if there's any recent reviews on the 'As Arri' lights. Here's a recent video post from Vimeo member Black Raven Films showing the As Arri 650W vs the Arri 650W. There seems to be some slight improvments compared to when they were first released.

If you're not up to scoop with the As Arri lights, these are supposed to be so close in design to the Arri with a construction of corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminium, they can use the same bulbs, glass, barndoors, diffusers, ballast, scrims, etc. There are several people using these lights, and if you have a set, leave some comments on how they are working out for you. The As Arri lights are available in small 150W to larger 1000W models (found here).

As Arri Light Kit
find-price-button As Arri 150W 300W 500W 650W 1000W Fresnel Lighting