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About a year ago I wrote an article about the Parrot AR Drone (new at the time) and how it would be fun to fly a GoPro HD on it. The biggest limiting factor at the time was that it operated over a WiFi connection to an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. This gave very limited range and if the connection was lost, the unit would go stray.

In the recent months there's been plenty of mods and mounts for these inexpensive AR Drone Quadcopters, including 2.4g Radio Control (no more wifi iphone). The mods allow you to fly the units further and higher. Not a perfect solution, but miles ahead of it's original intent to fly on just Wifi alone. Looks like lots of fun. With the new GoProHD Hero 2 quality should be even better. Vimeo member Chad Johnson has some good information in the video (below).

One of the most important parts you'll need to start (aside from the Drone) is the modified Radio Control kit found below.
find-price-button Modified AR Drone 2.4g Radio Kit

There's plenty of these Parrot Quadcopters being auctioned over at eBay (click here)
find-price-button Parrot AR Drone Quadcopter

You can find additional information about which websites with info and camera mounts over at Chad's video page (click here).