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The Aputure 672 LED Light Panel has been out for a little while, but since it's been a consistent piece of equipment on recent shoots, we thought we'd highlight some it's features to those who may not be already familiar.

The most recent 672 LED Light builds on the popular (previous model) 528 model. As you can tell the numbers mean that they were able to take the same form factor and add an additional 144 LED Bulbs. Not only are there more lights densely packed in providing a brighter output, but the bulbs have been swapped out to High CRI versions offering more accurate colors. The 672 is even offered as a Bi-Color LED Panel allowing you to adjust color temperature to match your ambient lighting.

aputure led 672 outdoors
Aputure 672 LED Light used for Outdoor Fill

aputure wireless remote led video light

Another major improvement over the previous 528 model is the additional wireless remote that allows you to control different LED panels without ever getting off your seat. In fact 'groups' of LED panels can be assembled and each group controlled separately through a single remote (included). This feature alone is a huge time saver when you need to sit behind the camera and adjust each light output for perfect exposure.

[2.4G FSK wireless remote control within 100 meters | Control multiple LED lights in 4 groups or 3 channels]
aputure 672 led video light

aputure led light 672 vs 528

The Aputure 672 LED Panel shares some of the same features such as Digital Rear Display offering up an easy way to monitor battery life from a distance. The panels can be powered over AC through the provided wall plug, while simultaneously charging the Sony NPF style batteries connected to the panel (panel is a battery charger). Not shown in the video, but the Aputure 672 also comes with two large Sony (generic) Batteries offering up even more value as a ready to run system.

Aputure LED 672 Video Light Panel

In summary the Aputure 672 LED Panels are compact, lightweight, affordable, offer high CRI, work with inexpensive Sony NPF style batteries, and built in wireless remote operation. Certainly an LED Panel that offers best bang for the buck and you won't be disappointed. Available now (click here).

aputure 672
find-price-button Aputure 672 LED Video Light Panel High CRI 95