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Rumors stated the new Mac Pro would have been released this past Monday, but actually the official release was this morning. Pricing starts at $2999 for the basic model, but like the MacBook Pro there's not much room for upgrades after the purchase. So to purchase the best right out of the gate, you're sitting close to $9600.

Apple Mac Pro Desktop 4K monitorApple 4K Mac Pro

The basic $2999 model comes with a 3.7 GHz Xeon E5 quad-core processor, 12GB RAM, 256GB PCI-e based flash storage, and a Dual FirePro D300 Graphics card.

For about $9600 dollars, the best you can upgrade to is a 2.7 GHz Xeon E5 12-core processor, 64GB RAM, 1TB PCI-e based flash storage, and a Dual FirePro D700 Graphics card.

Apple 3 4K Monitors 12 Core Mac Pro

Keep in mind, this is a desktop that will still require a display. You can opt in for a single Thunderbolt display tacking on another $1K, but this beast was really designed for 4K output. Apple offers to throw in a Sharp 32" 4K monitor for an added $3600 dollars. Congratulations, you're now sitting at $13,200 for a 4K desktop system they say will last you for the next 10 years [with enough horsepower to add another two 4K monitors]

So has anyone already committed to getting the new Mac Pro? Check out Apple.com for more info on the new Mac Pro Desktop (click here)