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In a previous post, I was looking for feedback on a decent quick release adapter for accessories. There were only a few options, but the better options were easily over the $50 dollar mark. Here i've decided to order the Mag system from Trek Tech. The base has a standard 1/4-20 thread and sits flat (flush) on any base. The mounting plate (attaches to your accessory) is available in different densities so that you can have a fairly strong bond, or one that is incredibly strong. Another type of adapter they offer is the Ball Head MagMount Star with safety latch. They even offer a much larger 'Pro' version of this anti-rotation toothed Ball Head MagMount with safety latch for heavier payloads (not shown in video).

Trek Tech MagMount Star

Trek Tech MagMount Star - Pro

Before we start diving in, I know a few people will ask about how safe magnets are around digital equipment. I've looked in to this and they don't have the same effect on LCD screens and flash media storage. Old CRT monitors used a magnetic field which could be interrupted with a simple magnet. LCD screens don't work that way. Compact flash and Smart Media cards (solid state) also are not affected by magnets like this. It's a very safe system. Especially once you've mounted the plates to the base, the magnetic field is almost completely blocked. The ball head adapter even comes with it's own cover so that the safety latch isn't left swinging around when not in use. Comments and feedback are still open if you find something better as a QR system for small accessories.

Light weight mount, Heavy weight mount, Ball Head Star MagMount

I'm extremely impressed with the size, strength, and build on these little adapters. It's about the size of a quarter and of course all solid metal. I'll definitely be adding more to my rigs for times when I need to build, reconfigure, or break down quickly. Considering the options for the smallest quick release systems available for accessories, this is the one i've found to be the best bang for the buck. Here's the kicker though, which i'm still trying to get more information on. The smaller kit seen below (comes with quarter size base + 1 light duty plate + 1 heavy duty plate) are no longer listed on the Trek Tech website. The Ball Head style mounts are still available, but some of the older items are listed as discontinued. No record if the small kit will still be in production. I've put in a few more orders for myself as I've found these to be the the smallest, fastest, and most convenient QRs I could find. I was able to contact a few eBay sellers that says they have quite a few of the 'Complete Kit' available right now following the link (click here).

find-price-button Trek Tech Mag System Quick Release Base Mount Adapter