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Thanks to a tip from Jack, Amazon's got a deal going on some select DSLR Case Logic backpacks (qualified for Prime shipping too). Check it out (click here).

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Thanks to a tip from Mark, today's Daily Deal in the Electronics category is a Canon T3 bundle that includes (2) lenses, Camera carrying case, and basic cleaning kit. Not the greatest deal if you don't need or want the extras. This is the Canon T3 (not to be confused with T3i) which has a few limitations in the Video area, but is great for budding photographers who want to start in Canon's DSLR line. Definitely check out the site, scroll down a bit and see hundreds of other deals from different categories below. [Thanks Mark]

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A similar Deal page is Amazon's Gold Box deals which features a variety of items (including digital cameras at times), which run several deals throughout the day. The Amazon listings only run for a few hours and are limited quantities.

visit-button Amazon Gold Box Deals