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Almost everyday, i'm still asked about a straight forward Monitor Mount for Gimbal Stabilizers. Well, here's one i've been using that's worked out great. This ACTIVEON Roll Bar Mount attaches to roll bars, handlebars, and tubes that are 0.7" to 1.6" in diameter and features a 1/4"-20 mounting thread to which you can attach a mini ball head, or your monitor directly.

activeon clamp gimbal monitor clamp for gimbal ronin dji ronin-m monitor clamp tube roll bar
One side is notched open for easier mounting and removal

As this clamp can mount to various sized round tubes, i've found great uses for this attached to lightstands, tripod legs, or tripod center columns. But if you just need to mount a monitor on a stabilizer, it will work on every CAME-TV gimbal available, and because you can adjust the clamp size it will also work on both DJI Ronin and the smaller DJI Ronin-M gimbals which have different diameter tubing.

ActiveOn Clamp for GoPro
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