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The original Sony A7s is still an outstanding little camera, but with the announcement of the new Sony A7s II, i'm sure existing Sony A7s owners might be thinking about upgrading. I'm a Sony A7s owner, and here's a few reasons why I think it's worth the upgrade.

First, you now have the option of 4K internal recording. We don't have enough information just yet about how long it can record or if it will overheat like the A7RII, but either way 4K internal is a damn good option to have when you need it.

Next there's 5-Axis In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS). I have been using this in the new Sony A7RII and I can't tell you enough how much this new feature can help with your footage. If you move around a lot, work with a shoulder rig, hand held, or just like older lenses with no IS, the 5-Axis IBIS will be your best friend.

The new Sony A7sII also has the option of SLOG3, which offers up a flatter profile than SLOG2 while offering more detail and information in the shadows. The new A7sII also has a base ISO of just 1600 instead of 3200 which is way more manageable if you have to shoot outdoors on a bright day.

For slow motion there's the new addition of 120FPS in full 1080p. Previous cameras (including the A7RII) can only shoot 120fps in 720.

The new Sony A7sII also has faster AF for movie mode over the original A7s.

Even though the A7s was known for being the low light king, the new A7sII is even more improved for low light shooting.

So that's just a short list of new features that I think should sway many A7s owners to go for the upgrade to the new A7sII. I myself have been convinced already to go for the upgrade. Any other existing A7s owners looking to do the same? Leave a comment below.

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