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The older Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 lenses are still a great value and produce great quality, but here's an unboxing of the latest Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens in the new Black w/ Red Accent design which not only looks better, but offers a bit more quirky features for budget video shooters. (BTW I made a mistake, and I don't need the M43 adapter for the version of the Black Magic Cinema Camera currently, just the Nikon to EF shim).

At just $350 dollars (found here), I feel it's not very much to ask for a solid 85mm video lens with a wide aperture, smooth manual focus, de-clicked aperture, and built in lens gears. Keep in mind that on cameras like the GH3 the focal distance will be hard to manage with hand held shooting. There is no image stabilization on this lens. For tripod mounted shots, it will produce that beautiful portrait style look and provide smooth focusing between subjects. The Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens is available now via B&H or Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony E & A mounts (click here).

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