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Sigma released a few new lenses in their lineup at the PMA 2010. One of the most exciting ones is the 85mm F/1.4 which now shows a price tag at Amazon for $899.00, but today still shows 'on pre-order'. This sits right between Canon's F/1.8 at $379.95 or Canon's F/1.2 at $1999.00. I actually own the F/1.2 which is a beast of a lens seen mounted on my camera in many of my videos, but honestly I shoot between F/4-F/5.6, so you might be smart to stick with Canon's F/1.8 or Sigma's new F/1.4. If you really really need the F/1.2, you can always rent it for around $30.00 dollars from one of my favorite places, BorrowLenses.com.