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Here's an unusual Hi Hat Half Bowl Mount Tripod Adapter some may find useful, that can be mounted and locked onto a standard video tripod and allow the use of a 75mm, 60mm, or 50mm half ball Video Fluid Head. Once mounted, the Hi Hat adapter also offers both 1/4-20 and 3/8" tapped threads along each side for accessory mounting.

Tripod Bowl Mount Adapter

The adapter also looks like an easy solution for getting a half ball fluid head mounted to many of the popular Video Sliders that only accept 3/8" mounts. Or use this Hi Hat adapter to mount onto a Crane or Jib to add your favorite half ball fluid head. Another idea is to mount this adapter to a heavy flat board and have a very stable platform for your Fluid Head just 7" off the ground for uber-low video shots. The possibilities are up to your imagination. The Hi Hat Half Ball Mount Tripod Adapter can be found via eBay (click here).

Bowl Mount Tripod Head AdapterHi Hat Bowl Mount Tripod Head Adapter
find-price-button Hi Hat 75mm, 60mm, 50mm Half Ball Fluid Head Tripod Adapter