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Now that the Canon 60D has had time to hit the streets, emails are coming with questions about the Canon BGE9 Battery Grip. Unfortunately it's still too early for something aftermarket, but here's a closer look at the pricier Canon BG-E9 OEM grip.

find-price-button BG-E9 Battery Grip For Canon 60D

For those who were wondering about how much extra height this grip adds to the DSLR body, I have two Canon 60D's side by side. Buttons and switches are similar to other Battery Grip models, but the most different feature is that it uses the LP-E6 batteries (same as 5DMarkII & &D), but loads the battery tray in from the sides like a Canon T2i. When they said they would make a camera in between the T2i and 7D, they weren't kidding.