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DVEStore BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4K 4.6K RAW Video Camera DVE Store

What a surprise! While this camera is pretty tough to find right now, DVEStore.com was kind enough to lend me one of their BlackMagic Design URSA Mini Cameras. I really did enjoy the quality coming from the big URSA, but it was a beast of a camera to manage out in the field. It required a heavy duty tripod and couldn't be shouldered for very long without fatigue. The URSA MINI is less than 1/3rd the weight at just 5lbs (camera body) with a more compact form factor, so very easy to move around and travel with.

BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini Review Samples Video Demo 4K RAW 60fps 120

The most stand out feature over the BlackMagic Production 4K camera, is that the URSA MINI offers 4K RAW up to 60fps (yes 4K/60fps!) and for just $2995 (here). That's cheaper than a Sony A7RII. There's additional modes for 1080 up to 120fps if you need faster. If you want even better quality, the URSA Mini 4.6K sensor will offer 4K RAW up to 80fps.

The basic package for the new URSA Mini doesn't come with the top handle, shoulder pad, extension handle, battery plate, or URSA EVF which is all options you can purchase to make a full shoulder rig camera. For now, I've had to improvise by assembling my favorite rig parts together (as seen below).

blackmagic design mini ursa 4k 4.6K cheesycam rig evf shoulder pad battery plate vmount top handle

I would say the 'core' of the rig you see above is the SHAPE C100/C300 Rig setup with the Paparazzi Top Handle + SHAPE Pro Dual Follow Focus. The long 15mm Rails are lightweight Carbon Fiber from PVGear.com. The CAME-TV Shoulder Pad is placed directly under the camera, so it's very well balanced. But when the camera sits this far back, you'll need an EVF upfront. I'm using my Cineroid Retina EVF + Loupe.

I'm using CAME-TV 15mm Handles with Rosette joints. The BlackMagic URSA Mini Remote Handle just happens to be the exact same so I was able to replace one handle with the URSA Mini Remote. Now that I have most of this put together it's time to take it out this week for some test footage. If you guys have any questions about this camera, I have one here in my hands and i'll try to answer some. Otherwise you can get more information by contacting or visiting DVEStore.com

BlackMagic Design URSA Mini 4K 4.6K RAW 80 120 fps DVEStore
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So while Sony has recently released it's new Action Camera set to steal some of the GoPro sports camera market, GoPro today announced the new Hero3 that is 35% smaller, 25% lighter, and 2x faster than previous GoPro Hero cameras. Even with a smaller profile, the Hero3 will offer built in Wifi (no need for BacPac). Low light performance is supposed to be 2x better than previous models also.

GoPro Hero 3 4K Video
find-price-button NEW: GoPro Hero3 Black Camera with 4K Video

Want more? With the faster processor, the new Hero3 brings more framerate options like [email protected], [email protected], and an impressive 2.7K resolution @30fps. They also brag about the ability to shoot 4K resolution video @15fps, which I still haven't figured out what I would personally use this for. Also includes ProTune, and offers manual white balance settings.

To be officially correct, the Hero 3 will be available in three different versions with three different prices. Only the 'Black Edition' camera will be able to offer the most features, while lower models will have some limitations. You can already find information on the new GoPro Hero 3 cameras via B&H (click here)

GoPro Hero 3Gopro Hero 3 black edition
find-price-button NEW: GoPro Hero3 Black Camera with 4K Video

You can also get more information from the official Official GoPro® Store.
Buy GoPro HERO Camera at GoPro.com
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