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411 LED ring light review

Earlier this year at NAB2012, we took a look at some new lights that were powered by common Sony camcorder batteries. One interesting light was the larger 876 LED Light Panel which is very similar to the popular 312 LED and 508 LED panel. The other light shown at NAB was the 411 LED Ring Light. You'll see a bit of this covered at about 7:20 into the NAB video below with Olivia.

Both lights are just hitting the market starting at $325 for the LED Ring light and $600 for the panel. Popular LED Ring lights require your own 12V battery or AC power, and Large LED panels are usually based on expensive V-Mount batteries. I like the fact that these use very inexpensive Sony NPF style batteries, and while these might be great ideas, I don't think the prices are going to impress today's market. These and other LED lights can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Front 876 LED light411 LED ring Light
find-price-button 411 LED Ring Right and 876 Sony Powered LED Panel