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It's the 3" LCD View Finder I posted about back in July found here: http://cheesycam.com/ebay-dslr-view-finder/. This item was rare at the time, and then when it became popular it sold for $99 bucks. I stopped talking about it because at $99 dollars, it didn't sound like too much of a deal. For more information on this particular view finder, check out Jeff Pepito's blog entry here: https://jeffpepito.com/2010/08/01/vdslr-viewfinders/.

Well it looks like sales must have gone down and the LCDVF clone threw this one for a loop forcing them to bring prices down. The listing now comes to $49.00 dollars + free shipping, making it possibly the cheapest 3" LCD Viewfinder for DSLR's available. Even if it's not for video, the $49 dollars might be worth getting if you're a photographer who needs a clear view of the LCD screen on bright sunny days. The funniest thing I noticed right away, is the details of the auction still says "Affordable smart price $99.99 Free Shipping". Yeah i'm sure they'll figure that out soon and correct it. Here's the link to the store carrying the 3" LCD Viewfinder


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