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I was starting to think there may just be more of the same at NAB2014 this year, but here's an interesting new product from SHAPE. Here they are providing us with an early look at one of their latest products - A 2-Axis active stabilized shoulder rig. Video below and details from their Vimeo page.

Introducing the 1st official product from the SHADOW SERIES; the SHAPE GIMBAL ISEE II.

here are some specs:
2 axis gimbal, tilt up and tilt down. you can control the Gimbal ISEE II with the push button of the SHAPE TELESCOPIC DOUBLE QUICK HANDLE ARRI ROSETTE, also from the SHADOW SERIES.

For less than 6000$, you get the ultimate SHAPE SHOULDER MOUNT and the whole new GIMBAL ISEE II system.

Official release date of the product : NAB 2014