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light panel 12 x 12 BI Color
find-price-button LitePanels 1x1 LED Video Light Color Changing Dimmable

If you aren't familiar with Bi-Color LED lights, these are the ones that allow you to change color temperature so you don't have to fully fuss with color correcting Gels to match ambient. Some very low tech tricks by just using two different colored LED's with a dimmer to mix and match. You can find some information about Bi-Color LED lighting here: http://cheesycam.com/color-changing-variable-color-led-video-lights/. Unfortunately, don't bother looking for those lights on Amazon they are only found on eBay since the worldwide shortage I was talking about.

On auction now is a BI-Color LED from LitePanels. Some of you might already be rocking these so it could be a sweet deal to add in to your existing collection. Cheapest you'll find these right now is still over $1500 each. Yeah we all know this 'particular one' won't sell for that starting bid of $100 US, but you still might be able to grab this used piece cheaper than it's retail price of $2500+ US found here on B&H Photo Video. Perhaps play that 'Price is Right' strategy and bid $1 dollar over the next guy...