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Reminder, the FREE Set of 15mm Carbon Fiber Rails deal at PVGEAR ends tomorrow. Limited time and limited quantity. These are made from real Carbon Fiber (not fake plastic ones) - super lightweight and super strong. [only available for USA residents lower 48] USE PROMO CODE: pvgear6

Not only does it make your rig look more professional with the flat black carbon fiber, but it's also an excellent way to shave weight from your Rig. I also use Carbon Fiber rails for the top bar of my custom mini gimbals (seen here). Converting a few of my setups from metal 15mm rails to 15mm Carbon Fiber, I was literally able to take off a couple of pounds. You can also see a pair of 20" Carbon Rails used with my ENG Lens Rig (seen here).

More about the deal over at the website https://pvgear.com