Sub $26.00 dollar 3.5″ Mini LCD Test w/ GH2

No audio in this video, I had nothing to say. Just playing around. Testing a 3.5" LCD to see if it will hold up as a remote viewfinder or Electronic View Finder. It displays 960x480 pixels, and adjustments can be made to contrast and brightness. I tried other small LCD's but none of them had the pixel count required to focus. The lower pixel count LCD's are only good for framing a shot. This one seems to be pretty good at setting focus and had better color and contrast than the other mini LCD's. Input is through basic composite cables, but the GH2 doesn't do live view recording unless it's through HDMI. The Canon cameras will output with Composite cables during recording, but I don't have my Canon cables with me today, so i'll have to test later. It's also just a 4:3 aspect ratio, and may not be able to convert a 16:9 signal correctly. Could be something pretty cool for the GoPro, but we'll see where I end up with this thing.

find-price-button Mini LCD Monitor with 960x480 Pixels

26 thoughts on “Sub $26.00 dollar 3.5″ Mini LCD Test w/ GH2

  1. Sandewwwrrr

    Hey Emm,

    I'm not getting it up and running on my T2i. It only shows a white screen. It does react when I press the menu button for example. It jumps from white to white. Any tips?

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  3. albert

    i dont understand how it conects the the camera if its using composite cables and the t2i only does live out put with hdmi

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @J hanna - I think when they listed the 960 resolution, they could have been adding up each RGB seperately. So it's not a true 960. I was testing it out, but seemed good enough to focus with so far. I have to get back in the studio after these holidays to test more.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Romeo - more expensive monitors not only have higher resolution, but have features to show proper exposure, and more accurate color representation. These are very important depending on the work you do. You can always rent if you don't use monitors much.

  6. Oh, and by the way, usually with those monitors when they say 960 pixels, you have to divide by 3 because they count RGB pixel separatly...
    I think we have to do this also with this one.
    Still a good monitor.

  7. Charlie

    I use 2 XL1s to record church services every week and these would be great preview monitors if they would work. I might grab one if I still can.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @lainol - Not sure, haven't played with the GH2 too much. Waiting on some adapters to use some better lenses.

  9. lainol

    960×480 with composite cable? Can the gh2 switch the output to letterbox mode?

    Congratulations for your blog

  10. Derek

    I second Jared's wishes. Seems like it would be perfect for my T2i on my small rig when necessary. Hope you can do a full review. How is it powered? Can you run it off small batteries?

  11. Jared

    Emm, you read my mind! I was honestly just considering buying one of these to play with on my T2i. If you could hook yours up to your T2i or 5d and give it a test drive, that would be amazing. This screen could just be a perfect cheap monitor for my camera, considering the T2i doesn't output 16:9 during recording.

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