Sub $190 Roller Bearing Video Camera Sliders

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Michael writes in and points out new prices on these Budget Roller Bearing Video Camera Sliders [Thanks Michael]. These sliders actually came out a few months ago, but now that the ePhoto seller has picked up this product, prices are pretty good starting at just under $190 + Free shipping for a 30" roller bearing camera slider with adjustable Legs / Feet. There are threaded mounts under the slider to be used on stands or on tripods for elevated shooting. This slider comes in three different sizes from the smaller 30" to a longer 46" version. Check them out via ebay (Click Here).

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14 thoughts on “Sub $190 Roller Bearing Video Camera Sliders

  1. Joe

    I received the Konova K2 last week. The length is 31". The slider is very stable & smooth. Very happy with my purchase!

  2. Sqweezy

    If you look toward the bottom of Konova's K2 product page, there is a specification comparison with their other sliders. The K3 and K5 sliders are both represented, but where is the purchase option for the K1? Is this a future product in Konova's pipeline? From looking at the specs, it appears to be an even smaller and lighter version of the K2. Could we be seeing a $100-$150 roller-bearing slider coming out soon?

  3. Paul

    I would really avoid the konova motorized system at all costs. Can't speak to the smart controller or timelapses but I've gone though 3 motors, none of which worked properly without being super jerky, all within the past 6 months.

    Besides this I had some pretty bad shipping issues with konova. Lastly, where as the slider is pretty well built although it has its own issues, the controller and battery pack are awful and parts keep falling off like it had leperacy. The battery box is beyond inconvenient to open and as soon as I did, the springs that hold the battery in place came falling out. Also, where the motor connects to the controller was poorly connected so that popped out pretty quickly.

  4. I've purchased this from a camera store in NJ. These sliders are not worth it! The sliding head is only tighten by a plastic screw. This same plastic screw became worn down very quickly and couldn't lock down. Also, the legs are difficult to adjust for a leveled slider.

    You're best bet is to purchase the Konova K2. That's what I did and so glad I made that decision.

  5. These are not much cheaper than the K2 sliders, so i'm gonna go for one of those instead. They seem the best for the price at the moment but if anyone can recommend something better than Konova for an ok price then please let me know.

  6. Hey Emm and other readers.
    I'm just returning my one of these. (waiting for reply from seller.)
    I got the 1m one but it's completely unusable. The bearings have bumps in them no matter how much I try to clean and adjust them, and they show up horribly in the footage:
    I sent the carriage back and got a replacement which is even worse, and this new one is made differently and the bearings are no longer really adjustable like with the first carriage.
    So I have no option but to return it.

  7. Jordan

    Hey there,

    what do you think is the best slider under $300 right now? I've been working with a Konova slider for a couple years now, but the roller bearing system has never been very smooth (even with regular calibration), and it's getting worse with wear and tear lately.


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