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There's a million different little stabilizers on the market, but about a month ago (maybe a bit longer), the Steady Dragon brand upgraded the Gimbal to a universal joint. This type of gimbal provides the maximum amount of range compared to the little Ball-and-Socket type like found in the Hague MMC. The Steady Dragon seems to have all the right parts with front and rear counterweights, side to side weights, and adjustment of the camera forward and back.


With the optional camera plate, you can also add side to side from the top stage. A Tripod mount is also available so you can dock your camera. There's ways to create your own stabilizer with U-Joint from a Traxxas RC, but If you're not the DIY type, this little stabilizer looks like a good start for small cameras and under a hundred bucks. The Steady Dragon states it's rated to balance cameras just around 3 lbs and you can find some demo videos following the link (click here).

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  1. Rigby

    I purchased the Steady Dragon and use it just fine with my T3i and Tokina 11-16, Sigma 30, Canon 50, Tamron 60 Macro, etc. The key is getting the right balance of counterweights vs. camera/lens and position of your gear on the adjustable plate. It may take an hour or so per setup but I've made markings with a thin white line of paint and weight counts for each setup. After that it's not too bad. Something else to probably will be using only one or two specific lenses on this because your steady shots will likely use a common focal length. I use the Sigma most of the time. Good luck!

  2. Dan

    I've got this stabilizer, and I've been using with a GH1. I didn't get the adjustment plate, but probably should have. Without it the gimbal sits directly under the mount on your camera, so with most lenses it's really front heavy. I can balance it if I use a really light lens (cctv) or put a bunch of counter weight on the back of the top. I'm thinking of getting one of those macro rail sliders to use for offsetting the camera front/back. (The GH1 doesn't really need side to side adjustment--the LCD pretty well balances it out)

    @ David Duran - I think it could work with the HX9V, but you'd probably need to add weight to the top (light and/or mic would likely do it). GH1 is 13.6oz. It needs a heavier camera to offset the weight of the stabilizer itself, which is a somewhat hefty piece of curved steel.

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  4. nolan

    Has anyone used this with the 7D and Tokina 11-16? Combined weight from websites is around 1390g and this steady cam says up to 1406g. Kinda close. Wanted to know before I ended up buying it.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @David Duran - I have not. Seems like everyone wants to fly that camera, so i'll see if I can try this HX9V out with my Smoothee.

  6. David Duran

    @ EMM- have you heard of anyone using this with a point and shoot camera? I'm using a Sony HX9V which weighs 8.6 ounces. Any advice? Thanks.

  7. So, of all the "cheesy" stabilizers out there (under or about $100) is this one of the best? The Gimbal looks good, ability to move the camera in 2 axis, with upgrade. Plenty of weights and 3 positions to load bottom of rig.

    What's the verdict?


  8. I watched a couple YouTube videos on this stabilizer. It actually doesn't look too terrible. Aside from the green sticker on the front.

  9. VillageBoi

    @ Tony - I don't think your missing the point. I'm a complete novice when it comes to stabilisers and know nothing about them. The EZ Steady seems portable, easy to balance, flight controls and probably easier to learn... It can do loads over a 5D or 7D.
    Think I should really be looking at something much cheaper??

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - The Flycam is using the same Gimbal design as a Glidecam. The ball and socket looks like this httpss:// It has limited range of motion.

  11. Tony

    We need a shoot-out review of these cheap stabilizers. I have been wanting to get one just to get a bunch of practice in. Emm, does the Flycam Nano has the same setup as the Hague MMC? ball-n-joint? Which is the best mini stablizer out right now? Yes, price is an object, so rule out Skyler Minicam.

  12. Chris

    looked up weights of t2i (1.2 lbs with batt. and card) and tokina (1.2lbs)

    so thats 2.4lbs, supposedly well under the weight limit, but I have doubts...

  13. Chris

    When it says, "Just around 3 pounds" do you think it means it can do more?
    or a crappy way of saying 3 is the limit.

    think it would fly a t2i and tokina 11-16?

  14. Thanks for posting about this Steady Cam. I of course wasn't to crazy about the color scheme they used on this product and since the 5D MKII w/ 24 - 105mm together is a little over 3lbs you have convinced me to get the Flycam Nano!

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