Sony’s new FS700 Available for PreOrder

This camera was quite a buzz around NAB2012, but it comes in at a starting price of $7999. The camera they say is 4K capable, but won't get the feature unlocked until a firmware release later this year. For now it's outputting 1080, but throws in some built in ND Filters. Nice touch. This camera should appeal to those who were almost considering the C300 at double the price, but at least they have the hopes of 4K output. Any current FS100 shooters thinking about the upgrade or maybe replace your A cam? Available for PreOrder today via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Sony FS700 Super 35 Camcorder

7 thoughts on “Sony’s new FS700 Available for PreOrder

  1. This camera is amazing. It was the camera that I hoped Canon was going to come out with, but now I'm buying this. To the poster above, the Metabones EOS Nex adaptor allows full electronic integration with Canon lenses on the FS700. The adaptor is about $400 and has got really good reviews all around. Im pre-ordering this weekend when I have a moment. I just wish it was in a small DSLR body, but I guess you can't have everything.

  2. Carlos D

    I'm not the biggest fan of the FS100 look but I really have to applaud Sony for what they've done here. ND Filters and high frame rates are the kind of features that would immediately impact anyone shooting on this from day 1. I can't wait to see which of these features Sony will carry into the FS200.

    I'm really looking forward to renting this for the right project.

  3. MN

    Good going Sony. I'm probably not going to get this particular camera, but you're pushing the market with products that are a great value.

    If this camera elegantly adapts Canon and Nikon glass somehow, then I might get on board. Too much investment tied up in that side of things to go with a different mount.

  4. Tom

    I wish I could afford this - it really has everything I would like, and I don't need 4K for now. My wife would kill me though since I'm not making any money on my hobby. I'm hoping Sony will either come with a cheaper version of FS100 (same sensor, features, but with increased competition, hopefully drop the price down around $3K?) or the rumored Alpha full frame dslr has a decent set of video features.

  5. I typically shoot with DSLRs but I am looking forward to the Sony PMW-100 actually. Broadcast quality 50Mbs in a small light package. I think that is going to be my next camera.

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