Sony RX100 Available Today for USA

I don't know how many of you have been following the Sony RX100. With a sensor that's practically twice the size of it's competitors, it appears to be an amazing camera with amazing reviews everywhere. Not surprising to many fans who were already amazed with the quality from the HX9V. Convinced, I had already sold off my smaller Sony HX20V point and shoot camera, waiting for the release of this RX100 but it has been consistently unavailable since it's announcement.

Sony shows they are serious about this market, and have added Manual Controls to video mode. Flattering many would compare the RX100 to larger interchangeable lens cameras (even better than some), but there's no denying this is probably the best pocketable Stills and Video camera available today. Normally on eBay you could find some shipping from overseas, but those have a different frame rate for video (50p instead of 60p). While they are still out of stock on Amazon, B&H, and other major retailers, the official Sony store on eBay has some in stock just today. Anyone else as excited? I'm glad I sold off all of my other little Sony cameras, and just purchased the R100 this very moment. As the only option for USA buyers, i'm guessing this could sell out fast (Click here for Sony RX100)

Sony RX100 Camera
find-price-button Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera

14 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Available Today for USA

  1. jarrett towe

    This plus P&C friction arm with an nd holder on the front would be really nice. Wonder how smooth you can get it with that iphone steadicam?

  2. Greg

    Its a VERY impressive image, the sharpness at full tele really shocked me when I saw it at 100% the first time! The price will drop by 20-30 £/$ in about a month, or usually does for Sony products but its always going to be expensive, the more I see it and test it, the more I think that this could be the best image from a compact currently available.

  3. Matthew Carr

    The highlight roll off looks pretty smooth in the clouds for a pocket camera. Dynamic range is the biggest downside of digital vs film for me. Too bad it costs like $10 to process a roll of film at CVS these days.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg - I don't expect the camera to replace every other camera I own, but for something that fits in your pocket those images are quite amazing.

  5. Greg

    We sell them in my camera shop in London. They came in yesterday. Its a very, very nice camera though feels somewhat hollow compared with the X10. The lens is nice and seems sharp enough even when wide open. The one thing I have noticed is that the LCD colour is slightly red, even for the in built menus. I haven't had a chance to make any prints so I cant say how far of the image is from what's displayed on screen but it is fairly obvious. That being said, the little Sony is certainly a great camera. i think comparisons to the HX series are unfair, they are travel and all round cameras and the RX is definitely image focused over functions and gadgets.

  6. UG

    good question, because i'm personally still on the fence... It's hard to give up the 20x zoom of the hx20 that i have on my belt right now, but I'd like the improved iq of the rx 100. I have an SLT withamazing iq and a NEX that shoots noise free in near darkness, so im still not quite sure where this one would fit in my arsenal! 😉

  7. J Hanna

    I hope canon takes a page out of sony's playbook.
    i don't care about a mirrorless camera. I want a canon camera like that. s105!!!
    this sony is an awesome B camera. BUT...i'll hold out and see what canon can do.

  8. Gus

    I've been waiting for a video-centric review but ended up jumping on a 2nd hand GH1 to adapt my Pentax glass. Will look on with much interest!

  9. Too bad it doesn't go as wide or even close to how long the HX9V lens could. The wider aperture is nice but the crazy reach of the HX9V is what I really loved about it.

  10. Matthew Carr

    Of course I want this as my pocket camera. But, I just jumped into the world of GH2 hacks and anamorphics so I don't have the kind of money this thing is asking.

    Good thing about the GH2 is that it doubles as a travel camera quite well with the cheap 14mm pancake. In the future I hope to add the 20mm pancake for some versatility on the road.

    Anyway, this is the best pocket camera on Earth. If you don't want to deal with DSLR bulk and accessories but want the best IQ then buy this and go shoot so I can drool over your footage.

  11. Nicholas Hiance

    I kind of want to jump on the NEX system with the 5N and build a lens ecosystem from there. But for someone starting out fresh who wants to take pictures and video this camera is temping. Anyone sale have any thoughts on this as your primary camera?

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