Sony NEX-5n Availability

Sony NEX-5n available
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Sony's latest NEX-5n has been getting quite a bit of press lately. It never seems to have hit the shelves over at B&H yet, but it's been in and out of stock over at Amazon. Today both versions with and without lens is available in limited quantities (click here).

A nice camera indeed with full 1080/60fps and excellent low light capabilities, but I feel some people are saving up a few hundred extra dollars for the NEX7 or A77.

4 thoughts on “Sony NEX-5n Availability

  1. jarrett

    I have the 5n. I bought it when sony hooked me with the hx9...I love it. Sure its not a 7d, or even a gh2, but for what it is...I'm highly satisfied. I bought some cctv lenses from china, and so far, im pleased. Of three lenses, 2 showed terrible vignette, but one worked - 1.7 fujian 35mm. The low light is amazing when added to an already great low light camera. One lens that disappointed me was the 50-150mm cctv zoom (fuji). This lens is fantastic, very sharp, and the aperture, zoom, and focus controls are incredibly smooth...if only i could find one that doesnt vignette. Anyway, this camera is great, and some tests show it is better for video than the a77 due to the transparent mirror causing a loss of 1 stop in the a77.

  2. Tk brown

    The Nex 7 will be more than a few extre hundred dollars more like 500-600$ and i hear that the nex 5n has better low light capabilities at high iso due to less megapixels (16) vs the nex 7 at 24mp. Full manual control in video mode for 600$ best buy in my mind unless you are looking to buy your first dslr in that case go with th A77.

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