Sony MDR-V6 Monitor and Tascam TH02 Monitor Headphones

No sense in owning great audio equipment if you don't at least have a decent set of headphones to monitor with. These Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones have been around for a long time and are still a very popular affordable set of cans for video shooters.

Today the Sony MDR-V6 is on sale for about 15% off typical retail price [thanks for the Tweet Dave]. Over 1100 reviews at 4.5 stars, you can find the sale following the link (click here)

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series HeadphonesSony MDR-V6
find-price-button Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil

On that note, this may sound quite silly, but yesterday I was working with a set of Tascam's latest TH02 Closed-Back Stylish Headphones, and was pretty blown away. We purchased a set over at NAB and didn't really think too much about them because the retail price was only around $20 dollars (found here). Crazy right? I had three other people from the crew monitor with the headphones and we were all pretty amazed at the quality and price of these new headsets from Tascam.

Tascam TH02 Headphone Video Monitoring Cheesycam
(above) Monitoring Sennheiser G3 Wireless + Tascam DR-60D with Tascam TH02 Headphones

Checking back on the Amazon reviews, seems like everyone else shares the same opinion. I feel pretty silly for suggesting a set of $20 dollar headphones, but damn these things sound good. If they carry them at your local retailer, you should really give these a try. There's also an excellent video review over at Amazon I suggest you take a look at if you're interested (found here).

TH-02_Collapsed Studio Monitor HeadphoneTascam TH02 Headphone
find-price-button Tascam TH02 Closed-Back Stylish Headphones

16 thoughts on “Sony MDR-V6 Monitor and Tascam TH02 Monitor Headphones

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @t - Best part is you can return it if you're unhappy. Don't take just my word on it. The real question is what about the other 55 reviews on Amazon putting the product now at a 4 star rating? I guess they all thought it sounded like a telephone too? Maybe it's the device you're trying to monitor from?

  2. t

    Honestly, I bought the tascams based on your review and thought they were terrible. There was virtually no bass response. I would've hoped for a flat response with no coloration but you still need some bass in the signal and it sounded like it was out of a telephone. Horrible recommendation.

  3. Wow, thanks for responding to my Tweet.

    I ordered another set of the Sony's and based on your article, I also picked up the Tascam headphones.

    As others have noted, the Sony headphones have a flatter sound and it's easier to hear flaws in voice clips. I really like them for monitoring sound on set and editing sound in my studio.

    The Tascam headphones are really nice. But the sound is richer and when monitoring audio on set some of the low "flaw" sounds get lost. Also, the "round" design makes them less comfortable as they don't fit completely over my ears. The Sony is more of an oval shape to better fit over the ears.

    I did watch the last 4 episodes of "Game of Thrones" with the Tascam headphones and it sounded a LOT better than the Sony headphones. I would definitely use them for watching video and listening to music. In fact, they would probably be great for listening to the stuff I edit after I'm done and want to watch the final cut.

  4. Nick

    Don't waste your money on cheapy 20 dollar headphones. I've found there's a sweet spot for headphones in the 70-100 dollar range. Anything over and it's dumb (coughBEATScough) and any chaper and you'll end up replacing them within the year.

    Buy the V6 or 7506 Sonys. As others have said, they're the standard, they're loud and sound great, AND they're virtually indestructible. You can also get a pair of velour covers for the earphones that make them EVEN MORE COMFY. They're a tight fit that never squeeze your head. The velour also helps if you edit in an office environment and are constantly taking cans on and off, with the velous you can just slide one ear off.


  5. Graham

    Also, I think Beyer DT 770's blow the Sony's away on every count, but they're more than twice the price of the 7506's.

  6. Graham

    I'm curious about the difference between the V6's and 7506's. I've always had/used 7506's, never tried the V6's. As a full time sound engineer, I can tell you that half the reason we use 7506s is because they're really freakin loud. I have some AKGs that I think sound better, are built better, are more comfortable, and don't fatigue my ears as quickly, but they're too quiet for live situations, especially concerts.

  7. Mike

    The reason for buying the V6's is not because they're good headphones, because they're not terribly good. The reason for buying them is because they're more or less the industry standard and it's great to be able to have one small bit of standardization. I have been using them in both production and post production since around 1985.

  8. I'd love to see a frequency response graph. People use Sony MDR-V6 (actually, these days it's the MDR-7506 that gets all the love) on productions *not* because they sound good, but because they sound flat.

    The MDRs are used as a reference monitor that plays the audio spectrum without coloring it too much. They actually sound clinical and many find them not as pleasurable for listening to music as other cans. The fact that the Tascams tout a "rich bass response" leads me to think they're not meant to be used as reference monitors and comparisons to the MDR-V6 might not be worthwhile.

  9. Rob S.

    I've been using the V6s for a while and they are great. They're the cheaper version of the 7506, which are a standard in broadcast. I just hate the coiled cord for field use.

  10. Stephen S

    The SuperLux headphones are semi-open. You'd really want to use closed headphones in the field, but those are fine for editing.

  11. OuREO

    love the finds. ordered a set of the TASCAM's also. Keep doing what you're doing emm!

  12. Aaron

    Are there any reviews up on the Tascam 60d recorder (except for juicedlink)? Any thoughts on it compared to the h4n?

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