Sony Lens Instant Savings and up to 10 Percent Rewards Back

Since many people are jumping over to Sony here's a collection put together via B&H on Sony Lenses that include an Instant Savings and up to 10% Rewards back. I'm more of a Manual lens shooter these days, but there's a few native Sony lenses I like when I need the camera to be compact, lightweight, or take advantage of the autofocus. You can find a variety of lenses from A Mount, E-Mount, FE Mount following the link (found here).

sony lenses instant savings

One thought on “Sony Lens Instant Savings and up to 10 Percent Rewards Back

  1. Dan K

    Last week we bought a Sony A7RII body at work. We have virtually no E Mount lenses. We do have a Nikon to E simple adapter and both a Metabones Canon to E Speed Booster and a Metabones Nikon to E Speed Booster. And of course, a bunch of Nikon and Canon full-frame lenses of all types. The older Nikon lenses have f-stop rings. The newer Nikons and Canons have no aperture control.

    When you use the A7S or R series cameras, which native Sony lenses do you like and use the most? When using manual Canon or Nikon lenses with adapters, how do you control aperture?

    My Panasonic GH4 works so much better using Lumix lenses -- aperture control, image stabilization and autofocus are really useful and effective, especially when the camera is flying on a gimbal.

    Do you use the A7RII in Super35 4K mode? Isn't that the only way you can use the Speed Boosters? They can't work at full frame, do they? Can you record full frame at 4K at all? (Like I said, we just got the body last week and I have not played with it.) Thanks.

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