Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System DEAL

The ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System from Sony is a complete battery-powered Bluetooth wireless microphone system. It plugs into virtually any kind of video camera, DSLR, or recording device that features a 3.5mm mini-jack microphone input, and has a talk-back function that allows the camera operator to communicate clearly with the subject. The mic has a range of up to 150 feet.

sony bluetooth mic sony bluetooth microphone system

This mic system allows a subject and a device operator to communicate, eliminating the need for a separate intercom system. In this way the camera operator can act as a director, giving direction or suggesting interview questions to the onscreen talent, even if they are out of ear shot. A 3.5mm headphone jack is provided on both the transmitter and the receiver to facilitate this feature.

For mounting or wearing the microphone and receiver, a belt clip and an arm band are included. The arm band enables you to attach the transmitter to a subject that is wearing clothing that cannot accommodate a belt clip. An included carrying pouch will help to protect the transmitter.

Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone SystemSony WIreless Mic Deal
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6 thoughts on “Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System DEAL

  1. Nelson

    I used it for an event shoot on july, here is the video


  2. Dan K.

    Sorry for the typos. I wrote my review on my phone. Text too tiny to see clearly. I meant JuicedLink RM222 audio adapter.

    I also tested its 2-way comms ability by giving my wife the transmitter unit with a supplied Sony earphone while I took the receiver unit with my stereo earbuds plugged into it. With her in the bedroom and me in the kitchen about 30' apart with two plaster walls between us we could talk to each other like we were on the phone. Sounded very good as a private 2-way comms link. They are mono in that if you plug stereo earbuds in you will only hear one ear, but work very well indeed for close-proximity use.

    I could see this kit working great with your audio boom guy to tell him his mic is in the shot. Or if you're a wedding guy, you can tell your assistant to move a light or ask what angle the other camera is getting.

    They're about the size of an AA battery and very, very light.

    One thing that would help if you do use it to feed your camera is some kind of cold shoe adapter so you can mount it to the camera. Otherwise it just dangles on the mini-to-mini cable. And I noticed if I twist the connector in the camera's input, the Sony cable makes noise. The cable connectors need to be immobile if you expect to get connection-noise-free audio.

  3. Dan K

    Got mine today. It's worth the $89 sale price but it definitely in no Sennheiser wireless.

    I did extensive comparison tonight, running the receiver's output into my GH4. I used both the transmitter's internal mic and also plugged my Aspen lav into the transmitter's aux mic in. For comparison I also plugged the Aspen directly into the camera (no wireless link).

    The Bluetooth definitely hurts the signal. I'd say the sound is almost like a telephone. Quite thin compared to the great sound the Aspen delivers directly. The Sony isn't bad, just not great. The transmitter's internal mic is pretty bad. Handling noise is very obvious. Just touching the transmitter brings all kinds of handling noise. Plugging the Aspen into the transmitter is a giant step better.

    The receiver has a volume up output control if you need mor level, but noise goes up too.

    Of course, the unique feature of this wireless system is its two-way comms capability. I'll probably us it in this capacity even if I was using a dedicated mic going into the camera for max quality. It's like a miniature dedicated telephone system. Very tiny and light. Uses only a single AAA battery. You could use your cell phone to talk to someone else on the crew but this is a very slick alternative. Always on. Always two way.

    Without pulling out the Sound Devices mixer, the Sennheiser shotgun and the JuicedLike RM222 adapter, the next best sound is the Aspen directly plugged into the camera and the camera's mic input level set to -12 dB, limited off. If I had to leave the Sennheiser Evolution wireless system at home, next best is the Aspen lav plugged into the Sony Bluetooth transmitter. But audio will be this, lacking full quality. Least best is using the sony's internal mic.

    Now if it's all you have and you can't hardwire, at least you'll get up close audio instead of camera mic from across the room. And if you need to cue the talent this is a great idea. Just don't think this will deliver pro audio. It won't. But it was only $89.

    Comes with a pouch to hold both transmitter, receiver, a fabric windsock that fits over the whole transmitter if you use its internal mic, two earphones, a clip to help hold the earphone in the talent's ear and a short (8") stereo mini to stereo mini for attaching the receiver to the camera. Oh, and instructions in about ten languages.

    It's a cool trick with its 2-way comms but I would not use it in the place of a good pro wireless system unless you just need basic reference audio.

  4. victor

    Sold Out!!! Darn it looked like a score at that price point. At $200 retail projected price....hmmm maybe not.

  5. Don

    Hmmmm.. Intersesting. Em... Any experience with this? Anyone? Looks like a lav could be plugged into it.

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