Sony Action Cam – Watch out GoPro

Sony Action Cam Video Review
Sony Action Cam

The GoPro is awesome, and the HD Hero 2 improves further on it's video quality. GoPro has pretty much been dominating the wearable sports camera market for some time, but what do you think about Sony's new Action Cam announced today?


From the long list of features and specs of Sony's new Action Cam, there's not a doubt it could steal quite a bit of thunder from GoPro with features like Image Stabilization. Price is way more affordable and it will come with basic accessories like a basic tripod mount / quick release plate (I had to buy separately for my GoPro).

Sony Action Cam Sensor

Another cool feature on the Sony Action Cam will be their wireless remote apps for both Android and iOS, while GoPro is still lagging on getting their Wi-Fi remote software out to the public. Check out the video for more specs on the new Action Cam.

Pricing for the new Sony Action Cam and for different accessories are already available via B&H (here)
Sony Action Cam
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18 thoughts on “Sony Action Cam – Watch out GoPro

  1. This is a video directly comparing the Sony Action Cam and GoPro Hero2 - mounted on a mountain bike so plenty of movement and vibrations. In the split screen you can see the difference, Hero2 generally with more colour and softer footage while the Sony has more detail and with the Steady Shot removes a number of the bumps for more fluid video. Filmed at 1980x1020

  2. Dave K.

    hmm.. mic input and video out on the bottom? It looks like they put more thought in designing this to accommodate the future handheld add-on accessory mentioned in the video.

  3. Meh, I'll stick to the GoPro 2 with multiple FOVs, 35mb/s flat recording (eventually :p ), and a screen in the right location (Sony's completely useless for steadicam work).

  4. Bernd

    According to the published specs, the HDR-AS15 sold in Europe does not have 25p or 50p, but it's limited to 60Hz formats. If it is true and not only a mistake on the website, then the new Sony is no option for me here in PAL country. And sadly the JVC has the same flaw. So every other week a new actioncam appears that is supposed to end the GoPro predominance, but unfortunately some manufacturers even mess up the basics. I guess I will have to go the GoPro way, too, although it's not perfect either.

  5. Ryan

    Wow... and the new Canon C100 announcement won't even do 60fps... this one will do 120fps at 720p!!! Love it!

  6. I think we all like the 720p at 120fps!!

    I have the wifi bacpac and love it! So useful with the remote. Can't wait to get the iOS app!

    Like "HD-tography" mention, there is a new firmware for GoPro 2 for better mbps.

    It use the same battery had my HX9V!! YEah! But it use a freaking Micro SD! The "mystery port" will have some awesome accessories!

    Can't wait to see reviews and details about other features.

  7. Dan Gunman

    Looks ok I have a Hero2, I'd like to try the JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Action Camcorder a little more but looks better than the Sony

  8. MovieBuff

    Can you live stream video with this? I know the GoPro has an add-on where you can transmit to a live stream service.

  9. The Hero2 will still do a lot that this camera won't (time lapse, stills, etc.)

    But considering it's a palm sized camera with a stabilized Zeiss lens which will shoot 720x120p for $199 (B&H pre order price), I'll likely have both.

  10. Seshan

    Every GoPro comes with a tripod mount, most people probably just throw it out, You know that big square mounting plate that holds the GoPro in the case? Cut it down and glue a 1/4-20 bolt on, Tuh Duh!

  11. getem

    I'm not really a fan of more than 60fps shots. Unless I'm shooting a bullet or need a very specific shot it just is not for me.

    Having shot a jet ski scene at 60 fps which I conformed for slow mo I still sped it up like 20% as it just felt way to slow.

    Go Pro has been doing this for years, Sony might have something here but Go Pro is knee deep in the game and I highly doubt any company is going to take their spot which they have been perfecting for years.

    No they are not perfect but the y basically have the market cornered with the Go Pro

  12. HD-tography

    Still waiting for my hero2 firmware update (35 mbps/technicolor) and wifi backpac app for iOS (so lame it is taking this long) I'm already sorry I bought my wifi kit... maybe this is what gopro needs to slap them around and quit dicking us faithful users/investors around.

    Perhaps it will also force at least 60fps/1080p in the upcoming gopro firmware... I can already see many jumping gopro's ship for Sony's 120fps/720p... that said the waterproof Sony housing will surly have the same ill fated underwater blur flat lens housing issue gopro suffered for years... they must be total idiots over there in R&D... for shame Sony!

  13. I have two Heros and was thinking of adding Hero2. That video tells me to scrap the Hero2 plan:) 720p at 120fps will be awesome and sure to push GoPro. And the price is right!

  14. im much more comfortable with the form factor on the gopros also the backpack lcd is a cool feature there. i mostly use the tripod mount with a magic arm and a manfrotto superclamp putting gopros nearly everywhere.

    the sony comes with image stabilisation and wow 120 fps. this might be very very usefull

  15. Rabi

    Hopefully this will force GoPro to step up its game. I feel like the company has fallen into a state of complacency. The fact that there still isn't software to accompany the WiFi BacPac is nothing short of embarrassing.

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