Sony A7RII (possibly Sony A7sII) Video Cage Rig from CAME-TV

When Sony originally released the A7 / A7r / and A7s cameras, they shared the same body. So specialty cages that were designed for one camera could be used on the others.

Now that Sony has changed the body style on the Sony A7RII with a larger beefier grip, older A7s custom fit cages will no longer work. So here's a look at a new Cage System from CAME-TV designed specifically for the new Sony A7RII camera body.

Recently Sony has made an announcement for the new Sony A7s II. So far from the photos and videos, the body looks exactly the same as on the new A7RII which means that this new CAME-TV Cage may be able to work as well. You can find more information about the new CAME-TV Sony A7RII Cage (maybe A7sII also) at the product page (Click Here).

VIEW-ITEM CAME-TV Cage for new Sony A7RII Camera

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