Softbox and Bracket for F&V R-300 LED Ring Lights

The portable and small R-300 LED ring lights from F&V carry about about the same power as a large 1x1 LED panel in a much more travel friendly form factor. Though it can be used on camera as a ring light, it's just as effective when used in a 3 piece lighting kit set on stands.

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If you need a softer more diffused light from the R-300, there is a new Portable Softbox kit available.

r-300 led light softboximg_0394
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Product description:
The R-300 Soft Box will allow you to modify your light, creating a larger, soft, single source light. This becomes the perfect solution for interviews, portraits, and product photography. Your imagination is the limit to this tool's application. The soft box also comes packaged with a velcro honey comb which allows you to focus the light's beam and reduce spill.

softbox grid r300 light
find-price-button Soft Box and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

The R-300 Soft Box is made from a thick, high-quality nylon. Four large flaps in the back make it easy to install the soft box rods and R-300 w/ Bracket. A designated notch in one of the flaps makes accessing your R-300's dimmer knob easy.

The R-300 mounts to a matte-black, aluminum bracket system which functions as the soft box's speed ring. On this bracket are four receptacles that hold the soft box rods. The bracket has a 5/8'' stud that allows you to mount the soft box system using a c-stand or universal holder. The center of this 5/8'' stud is hollow which allows you to mount a translucent or reflective umbrella to the unit.

For more information about the Softbox and Bracket kit for the R-300 LED Ring light visit the F&V website (click here).

led lighting r300 umbrella Soft Box and bracket r-300 led light
find-price-button Soft Box and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

15 thoughts on “Softbox and Bracket for F&V R-300 LED Ring Lights

  1. Tobsen

    @OldCorpse I have three K4000s as well and was told they would release Softboxes and barndoors for them. That was more than a year ago...maybe now? I really hope so!

  2. Dan

    Had been waiting for this for a while. Other than spill prevention, does anyone know if the softbox holds any significant advantage over shooting through an umbrella?


  3. OldCorpse

    I bought the softbox for my R-300 - it seems to work well. It's a bit fiddly to set up, so not exactly something you want to do if you need to work on a fast shoot. The disappointment here is the eggcrate (honeycomb) - I found it pretty much impossible to get to sit straight... you end up not with small squares, but with squashed non-squares each at a different angle. Not that it matters, because I can't imagine using it - the light is far too weak to make a difference with the eggcrate on or off.

    That said, I'd really like for F&V to come out with a softbox for their panel lights (K4000 & K4000S). I have the 3 K4000, and wish I had softboxes for them. At some point there was even talk about having barndoors for these, but that never happened. With the K4000 I think even an eggcrate might make sense.

  4. This ring light plus softbox seems ideal for interviews. I'd like to build a kit of 3-4 led light. what would you recommend to go with one of these ring lights?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - I believe you van also use a Universal Adapter yo a plain lightstand.

  6. Peter

    I like my R-300s and I`d love to get a softbox for them, but why isn`t it a) bigger (another 7" in diameter would have made a difference) and b) why on earth do I now need a grip head to mount it???
    So I have this small light, I pack the extra softbox and a lot of batteries - and a C-stand with a grip head as seen on the promotional photo. I hope there´s at least a 1/4" screw mount I have missed...

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - Even though the softbox is not that big, i'm sure it's helpful because it places the diffusing material away from the light source. The further away you place a diffuser from the light source, the softer the light source will be. That's why simply placing a diffuser directly in front of an LED doesn't do much, but if you can add a diffuser a few inches away from an LED light, it makes a significant difference.

  8. Rob S.

    Looks like a nice setup. But I wonder how much the softbox will help since it isn't that big. What makes a soft light source is to make your smaller light a lot bigger. Not just diffuse it with silk. Would love to see some tests.

  9. Paul

    I love my F&V ring light. Work has purchased several cheapo LED lights and they are nothing compared to F&V's quality. I will make sure to stay with F&V. I have to agree with kameraguy that continuing on current products is excellent.

  10. @DigitalCyclops - Thanks for your suggestion. We will take this into consideration. Of course, always stay posted to cheesycam to get updates on our new product releases.

  11. I really like these F&V lights, and also love the support I've gotten from these guys. I've used them for over 2 years now, back when they first came out. They've been reliable and super handy to have batt power options.

    I do wish there were higher power versions coming, in a similar form factor? hint hint?

    R600? R900 guys? =>

  12. pops

    @Emm - Are you planning to do any testing? How much does the light output drop in comparison to just their diffusion plastic filter?

  13. kameraguy

    Emm, think you can persuade F&V for a cheesycam discount? I want to buy three of these hehe 🙂

  14. kameraguy

    Never would have thought these simple, yet useful, adapters would be created but wow, i'm so glad i went with these lights. F&V deserves credit for their continual development of their existing products.

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