Smallism Video Camera Slider Review

It looks similar to the Konova and Varavon, but hardly up to the same standards. The bearings are adjustable. I've seen these Smallism sliders before, but they were always expecting way too much. Seems like they know where they stand and have finally brought prices down below Konova. Although the feet/legs aren't anything to brag about, it is an actual roller bearing slider if you want to stray from the IGUS rails.

Konova Slider
You can find Konova's roller bearing track slider (click here).

You can find the Smallism slider at auction (click here).

3 thoughts on “Smallism Video Camera Slider Review

  1. Yeah, watsup with the major design flaw with the legs being so close to the tightening knob, or whatever you call it. I'm sooooooo glad I got the Konova slider!!!

  2. Barry Sanders

    A slider is my next must have item after I get a handheld rig. I'll be avoiding this one. Sometimes, cheaper isn't better.

  3. Rabi

    My strongest reaction to this is "Man, I should have picked up a Konova before the price started rising."

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