SmallHD NAB 2012 Product Loop

NAB2012 - SmallHD announces 2 new DP7 LCD Monitors to add to their lineup and also a very clever molded 5D Mark II HDMI lock that attaches to the D-Ring (normally where the camera strap resides), and still provides access to all your other inputs. Currently I have the SmallHD DP4 (EVF) and the DP6 which works perfectly in our workflow. I don't know if i'll be able to afford the new DP7 LCD monitors, but i'm sure in for the HDMI lock. The information will be available at

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  1. Lucy Kelly

    Hey congrats! All I hear is superlatives about SmallHD service and support. Taking the time out of your busy week @ NAB with pro broadcasters and filmmakers to address us aspiring little bulls just reaffirms it. Thanks

  2. Luke


    Ur right my bad, doesn't look like they are edelkrone suppliers anymore.
    I assumed they were because in the above NAB loop toward the end of the loop, the cameras are mounted to edelkrone modula rigs.

    Sorry, for the smack talk.. I should have thought it through a bit more. For what it is worth, I choose a dp4 evf and then replaced it with a dp6. Because of it, I finally have video that is in focus!

    It was sticker shock. Almost like FastFoward to this summer/fall when apple announces the next iphone. After a 45 mins video on all of the new features and benefits of the new i5, and then they drop a bombshell.

    The new i5 will costs starting at $400 will a 2 yr contract!

    Like I said in my original posts, I went to go pack up my dp6 to eBay it! That was even before I saw what the new dp7 did and release date! I wanted the dp7 sight unseen!

    One feature Reuqest I sent in for the dp6, was for a true zoom. I was using the 1:1 option but I was told that was never designed to be used as a zoom...

    "SmallHD’s R&D team worked overtime to create a unique new architecture that allows us to rapidly deliver new features and functionality, some of which has never been seen on any camera-top monitor. "

    Count me in on the 7d hdmi lock!

    Keep making awesome stuff!

  3. TheObiJuan

    SmallHD is all about quality and customer satisfaction.
    The company listens to customer feedback and makes updates available, what more could you want.

    I just ordered the DP4 EVF and feel like I walked away with a super deal. Next up is the Modula 5 to mount the DP4....

  4. Thanks @Neil We need to do some customer survey work to find out which are the most popular. So far the 7d & MK3 have been most requested at the NAB both, but that is not a scientific poll.


  5. Neil

    Congrats Reed, well deserved!

    Will you be releasing HDMI locks for any other Canon models? 60D please!

  6. We will always remember the days working late in the basement assembling DP1s and DP6s. Working a day job to save enough money to buy parts. This is who we are. It has never been about the money. Dale and Wes still drive 10yr old cars and live very modest lives. The only reason we celebrate sales is that it allows us the freedom to innovate and hopefully make a mark on this industry. We really appreciate and value those who have been willing to support a small unknown start-up. We will never forget that. However, we know that not everyone can afford all of our products. We hope that your passions will allow you to prosper to the point that you will consider us as a technology partner.

    Thanks again for all the kind words!


    PS: Looks like the DP7 won a VideoMaker Award today... The team is stoked.

  7. As much as I don't like seeing the dp7 at $2800 because it is super sexy. I have to defend smallHD on this one. I just ordered the dp4 evf with the super bundle.

    On top of a price cut, but for $699, I'm getting every option they make for it plus the kitchen sink. It's better than what I can say about company "Z". Where their big cut is to offer a refurb for the same price as a new dp4.

    Looking at quality and product. I may not like the $2800 price of the dp7 but it looks amazing. The dp4 evf is in my price point and I'm gladly they can sell it that cheap at the moment.

    I hope to have a long positive relationship with smallHD.

  8. Trung

    on a side note...

    Did edelkrone recently drop all their prices? I remember looking at them after someone told me about them, and everything was pretty pricey. Now things look reasonable.

  9. Joel

    As an owner of both the DP4 and the DP6, I can say that smallHD is the #1 HDSLR gear company in terms of customer support, service and satisfaction.

  10. Neil

    @Luke You have a right to your opinion as we all do here but if you're going to slam a company at least get your facts straight. SmallHD was only briefly a U.S. supplier of Edlelkrone products. If you go to their site you'll see that those products are no longer available.

    As for prices, I think SmallHD is not only fair but does a great job of offering legitimate deals. Take for example their NAB promotion for the DP4 EVF bundle which saves you $350 off the usual price. That's a hell of a lot better than certain other companies that proudly and excitedly announce their "big sale" and when you go to check out their site you see that it's just a measly 10% off.

    Personally, I think the DSLR revolution of the last few years with affordable, feature-packed cameras combined with the amount of cheap accessories at every budget level has given a lot of us a sense of entitlement. If you want a 5D mkiii (or a DP7 for that matter) but can only currently afford a T2i or a Lilliput monitor then either buy what you can afford or save up for what you can't. Nobody is forcing you to buy these products.

    Since buying the DP4 EVF bundle I'm delighted with SmallHDs products and their customer support - they're one of my new favorite companies.

  11. Tony

    Thanks for chiming in with wonderful news, Reed. All I hear is superlatives about SmallHD service and support. Taking the time out of your busy week @ NAB with pro broadcasters and filmmakers to address us aspiring little bulls just reaffirms it.

  12. david

    @Luke why do you complain about edelkrone and small hd

    the modula 3 costs about $599 the db4 evf is about the same price. compairing to other rigs and evfs this is a good price point and im really thinking about this to switch from my diy stuff. shure both also have products in a higher price range. but both have good basic packages where you dont have the feeling being ripped of.

    but more important "Blackmagic Cinema Camera"

  13. You can be assured that we will do everything in our power to keep our prices as low as possible. It is constantly on our mind. These are only "Show" prices and you have only seen a fraction of the feature set. We have value centric models on the drawing board. Give us a chance to deliver the DP7 and then judge whether or not it represents one of the best values on the market.

    For amazing value look at what we have done with the DP4 and DP4-EVF Bundles. If anything we are making our monitors more affordable, not less.


  14. Luke


    I agree with you, and there are a lot of fortunate people with really deep pockets. But my point was, it seems to me that SMALL HD, no longers considers themselves the underdog and has priced themselves accordingly. If Marshall and Tv logic can get away with it, so are we!!!

    They have built their brand and are now charging handsomely for it!

    Too bad me and a lot of cheesycam readers, we won't be able to afford one.

  15. Trung

    I agree with Carson

    The handydslrtools/edelkrone scenario is a bit different. That was a straight jack up.

    Any word on how much that new hdmi holder thing is gonna run for? That thing is pretty sweet.

  16. Tony

    Cheesycam article dated Nov, 12, 2012: Hey Guys! Just got the SmallHD DP7 I ordered in today. I'll have a review up soon.

    Love Always, yours truly,

  17. Matt D


    Pricing themselves out of the main market here I do feel. What a shame. I definitely agree with Luke.

    SmallHD - you made great affordable products, you've now let your success go to your heads sadly.

  18. Carson McNeal

    I think we need to be ok with the idea that companies can make products in many different price ranges. If you have ever dealt with anyone at SmallHD on a personal level, you should know that, although they enjoy making a living doing something they love, they will never turn their back on their past customers.

    Not every product out there is aimed at every consumer.

  19. pops

    @Luke- I have their DP4 (EVF) and DP6. I too was starting to think about packing mine up until I just read what you wrote. Somehow... I completely missed that price tag in their presentation piece. Ouch.

  20. Luke

    I about to prep my dp6 for sale, but saw the link to the video.

    To my disappointment, the video states the dp7 will retail for $2800!

    Yup... It is increasing in price by $1800! I put my dp6 back into my camera bag.

    This is typical! Small companies that hit it big jack up their prices once their brand goes big!

    Another company in mind that did the same... Handydslr.
    I have one of the base-x rigs when they were an affordable $600. But now they call themselves edelkrone, and their prices 3x more expensive.

    Small HD sadly is doing the same. Oh yeah, guess who is Edelkrone's sole US distributor. You got it... SMALL HD!

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