Sirui P Carbon Fiber Monopod with Supporting Feet

Stabilizer Feet Sirui Monopod Carbon FiberSirui Monopod Carbon Tripod

Add this one to the growing list of stabilizing monopods to offer tri-folding feet. The sturdy base on these types of monopods can equally offer an advantage to photographers as well as video shooters. One unique feature on this particular Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod shows an adjustable pan friction base at the ball socket, yet it doesn't appear to be a true fluid cartridge.

The Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod adjustable base can rotate a full 360°, but can only sway (tilt) 15° in any direction. Similar to other tripod-footed monopods, the feet fold flush for easy storage. You can find this Sirui Carbon Fiber monopod via eBay (Click here).

Sirui Monopod FeetMonopod Stabilizer Feet Sirui
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11 thoughts on “Sirui P Carbon Fiber Monopod with Supporting Feet

  1. James Jones

    since the monopod is only less than 1kg. It will be easily to lift the unit away with the lock attached, Rob!

  2. My monopod setup is a manfrotto 682B monopod witch I paired with an old 701 I had and I love it!! I used to own the 561BHDV before (got stolen) but I did not like the fact that it can't stand firmly on it's own.
    This new monopods look pretty steady but I luv my setup.

  3. @lainol

    I have the aluminum s4 and I love it. I have never used the manfrotto version but I love being able to take off the head and use it separately. I am very happy with it.

  4. Lainol

    @lorenzo pickett what version of the S4 do you have? I'm interested in one of those, but don't know if I'll go for the alluminium version or the carbon fiber.

  5. Len

    Manfrotto had a $65 rebate on the 561BHDV-1 from 4/15 through 6/15 and B&H added a $50 gift card with the purchase. I got mine last week. It arrived in two days and, with the rebate and gift card, was less expensive than the Sirui. I'm happy with the quality, feel and performance. Learned about the deal on CheesyCam. Thanks, Em.

  6. If somebody (like Manfrotto) ever wakes up and puts that fluid cartridge foot on a decent CF monopod, it would just about be perfect. I've got both versions of the Manfrotto: both are made of cheap aluminum and don't collapse to an easily packable length, one is way to big and heavy, the other is too flimsy.
    I feel like Goldilocks waiting for the "just right" solution. This one doesn't quite look like it though... I think, like in the Manfrotto, you want to be able click into the locked position without bending over and using an Allen wrench to do it.

  7. OldCorpse

    The Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 has a fluid head for $50 more at B&H right now. I wonder how these two compare. Both are about as tall at full length, though the CF is of course lighter. But how about stability? Somebody who has both should do a review and comparison...

  8. Rob S.

    I like that the feet are bigger but I wish somebody would add a lockable feature for more stability. I would never just leave one of these unattended but lockable could really help

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