Single Arm Video Stabilizer Balance Video

Here's a recent video showing how to set up and balance the budget Single Arm Vest system with Carbon Stabilizer. I actually have this vest (not the stabilizer) and I feel it's pretty good quality, but I had trouble getting a lightweight setup on the single arm vest to work smoothly and get rid of that slight Pogo effect. In this video they have a fairly heavy Matte Box to add another few pounds of weight to the basic camera.

There's no sample footage from the system, but it's a pretty good instructional 'How to Setup and Balance a Steadicam' video that applies to most stabilizers on the market. This particular one shown in the video can be found for under $600 bucks complete via eBay (Click Here)

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7 thoughts on “Single Arm Video Stabilizer Balance Video

  1. I have this rig along with the dual arm version. I have done horrible things to both rigs but they keep on taking the punches. Ive have even loaned both systems out to my friends 🙂 Solid build! Hey if youre in Los Angeles and friendly hit me up. Struggling artists unite!

  2. Greg

    @Robert, remember that you won't be able to use your follow focus while on a stabilizer because the only point of contact is the gimble on the handle that holds the pole. Any other touch will move the entire balanced rig, including pulling focus.

    Solutions include either stopping your lens down (on a bright sunny day) so everything is in focus, or renting a wireless follow focus and using a second person to change focus (off a monitor) which can be expensive.

  3. got the single arm and love the flycam c5 from recommendation from t his it...

    i like the look of that dual arm and vest...gonna get that too...thanks for the info and tips!!

  4. Robert

    Hey I'm new to your site and an aspiring filmmaker, I am slowly purchasing pieces of equipment. I was thinking about getting a Glidecam HD but I read about how heavy these rigs are and a vest is almost necessary. This system seems like everything I would need I have also come across this system
    I am shooting with a 600D with a rods and follow focus maybe a matte box in the future, what is the difference between dual arm and single arm?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott - If it's the same matte box I think it is, that's adding another 5-6 lbs. to the top stage. Doubling the weight of a small DSLR and lens.

  6. Scott

    THANK YOU, so much for finding this, Emm. I made the mistake of ordering this arm just before the affordable dual-arm came out, and have yet to get quality footage out of it.

    I wonder how much weight it takes to make this thing smooth...?

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