SHAPE Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

You've probably heard the news and seen the images, but here's a closer video look at putting together the new Shape Cage for the BlackMagic Pocket Camera. The BMPC simply drops into the Shape Cage and is locked in place by a rear sliding metal cover. So even if your system is completely rigged up, the camera can be removed from the cage.

Access to all buttons, menus, battery door / SD card, and ports are easily accessible. A very solid cold shoe above the Shape BMPC Cage can be used to mount heavy accessories (monitors, evf, audio) or to add a Shape Candy Handle. The SHAPE Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Camera can be purchased with or without the bottom 15mm rail adapter.

For more information about Shape products, check out their website at, or follow the links below for information about these specific products.

Shape BMPC BlackMagic Pocket Cage
find-price-button Shape Cage (only) for BlackMagic Pocket Camera

Shape Cage BlackMagic Pocket Camera Shape Cage BMPC Shape Cage BlackMagic Pocket Camera Rig
find-price-button Shape Cage for BlackMagic Pocket Camera + Top Handle + 15mm Rail Base

7 thoughts on “SHAPE Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  1. JOSUE

    What can I say...

    It's simple. stand, multiple adapter protector!

    ALL IN ONE PIECE without screws or pieces glued together! But a lot of screws holes!

    And what's more, I can adapt to my older cheap Rig I already had! Although I saw that in their website there are other cheaper and interesting options ...

    I'm actually thinking of buying one of their follow focus, because mine from IKAN sucks! and then, when I'll find a good deal... I'll get the whole kit!

  2. carlmart

    I haven't yet decided between the Viewfactor Contineo, the Tilta BMPC and the Shape Pocket's cage.

    Having a cable clamp is a must for me, and for now it seems only the Tilta includes them. Just wrote to Shape to see if they are planning on any cable clamps.

    Cages seem to sprout like mushrooms lately, and maybe by the time I buy the camera there are more options available.

  3. getem

    I owned the Viewfactor Cage and was not happy.......

    It left marks on my camera, too tight of a fit and really awkward trying to get it in and out. Also the handgrip is pointless as you still can't really hold the camera.

    I'm not saying this cage is better as I have not used it, but don't go and think the Viewfactor is good as I honestly did not like it at all.

  4. blackroom

    i like it, has top grip options and included cold shoe.
    but will it allow mounting a proper lcd viewfinder?
    i'm currently just taping on a cheapo lcdf knockoff .

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