Save $300 OFF – SmallHD AC7-OLED Field Monitors

For those who have been eyeballing SmallHD's latest AC-7 OLED Field Monitors, today you can save $300 OFF both the HDMI and SDI models. Jump over to the product page to see how the SmallHD AC7-OLED was used on set for the upcoming movie 'Need for Speed' with Shane Hurlbut (found here).

SmallHD OLED  AC7-OLED Field Monitor
SmallHD AC7-OLED Field Monitor Sale

5 thoughts on “Save $300 OFF – SmallHD AC7-OLED Field Monitors

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin - After a recent project (i'm still working on ) I won't say that it's overpriced. It's probably 'overkill' for what most people need. In my project I was dealing with dozens of cameras with an interface of HDMI to SDI. 8bit to 10bit. 1080i, 1080p, 720i, 720p, Framerates include 24p, 23.98p,59.94i, 59.94p, 60i. For monitors, that means different refresh rates 24hz, 60hz, etc.

    Most people will never do what i'm trying to do, but it's literally been such a headache trying to get this project off the ground. The only single monitor in my arsenal that worked every single time, that can accept pretty much any refresh rate, any resolution, any framerate, any color space was the SmallHD AC-7 OLED. Add in Gorilla Glass (which you can see in their videos takes amazing abuse), all the connectivity types, OLED screen, better color, and true HD display, it starts to add up.

    Again, if you don't need component, or SDI, or OLED, or Gorilla Glass, or a screen that can accept 10bit, any refresh rate, and upgradeable in the future, don't buy this monitor - it's 'Overkill'. You can get a $200 (or less) monitor that will work on a standard 8bit, HDMI camera, that generally outputs a 59.94i interlaced signal.

    At this point in time, for the project i'm tackling, I don't know of any other monitor in this price point with their feature set that could have handled the tasks. So my stance is not 'overpriced', just 'overkill' for most people.

    FYI, for the other comments, I an safely say none of the monitors Dave has tested would have been able to perform the tasks required in my project.

  2. Kevin

    I agree, they are overpriced. I like the company and I wanted to stay with the brand. I also like to support domestic startups. I was planning on upgrading from my DP4, but when an upgrade cost as much as a good DSLR it just doesn't make sense, when there are other very good options.

  3. Rick

    I'm sorry, but this desperate discount just isn't going to cut it. SmallHD has been overpriced for far to long now.

    Yes, the Ninja Blade is bad ass and the convergent design 7 and 7Q are completely awesome as well. They both offer far more value for the money. I would buy 2 of them before I even went to SmallHD's website.

    P.S. Google Dave Dougdales review of their WAY OVER-PRICED product.

  4. Robert

    I wonder if this is a result of the recently announced Atomos Ninja Blade? The screen is so much better I was thinking it could be both my recorder and my focusing-and-composition.

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