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I purchased the original set of Eneloops (white) from my local Costco about a year ago, and I have not had to buy AA, AAA, C Batteries, or D Batteries since. The set came with these very cool 'spacer' shells that transform simple AA batteries into C & D size batteries so you could use them on most portable electronics (not to mention all the kids toys and video game remotes).

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Sanyo Eneloop Spacer AA to D size

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Sanyo Eneloop Spacer AA to C Size

Sanyo has also released a higher capacity XX (Black and Grey) Eneloop battery rated at 2500mah, which holds a charge capacity of 75% up to one year in storage. This is not a replacement for the original version. The new XX battery should charge on the original Sanyo Eneloop charger, but if used with the optional 'boost' charger, a single battery can be brought to full charge in about 40 minutes. I honestly don't know anyone using the new XX version, and the (white) original ones I'm using seem to do perfectly fine.

Sanyo Eneloop XX
Sanyo Eneloop XX Batteries

Besides the Eneloops's slow drain abilities during storage, these batteries will power any of your devices up to 5x longer than just standard alkaline. Definitely worth it in the field, and will save you money over time. I've used them with the AA battery adapter on DSLR Battery Grips, LED Video Lights, Portable Audio recorders, Flash Triggers, Canon Speedlights, to Wireless Microphones. It's an investment up front to get started with Eneloops, but i've been rocking all of my batteries for more than a year in constant rotation on the charger, and these have to be the best rechargeable batteries i've ever owned.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @DigitalCyclops - Those i'm sure would be crap. The key to good re-chargeables are the ability to hold a charge while sitting. The Eneloops can hold 75-90% charge while sitting in your drawer for a whole year. I've used many that seem like you charge them today, and they end up dead overnight.

  2. g12 user

    and if you are a member of costco wholesale, that is the cheapest place to find them.

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